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  • Don’t worry!  We provide you with the tools to fight speeding tickets in the court!
  • You will be informed, confident and prepared to win!

We explain the entire process including:

  • Your options when you get a ticket
  • How to fight speeding tickets yourself
  • Why paying the ticket is your worst option
  • How to hire the right lawyer if your circumstances warrant it

What you get?

  • We provide you with the tools to go to court well informed and confident that you win!
  • We have done the research to save you time
  • State specific information to strengthen your defense
  • Case law that can be quoted in court  to support your defense
  • Step by step prep for your day in court
  • Avoid paying speeding tickets fines…keep your license free of points
  • No bump up in your insurance cost
  • 100% money back guarantee

The information provided is applicable in all 50 states!

We are not attorneys and the information provided is not to be construed as legal advice. The intent is to provide you with the tools so that you will go to court well informed about the laws regarding speeding tickets so that you will emerge victorious!

Don’t be a victim of selective enforcement! Protect your driving record! Keep your insurance premium under control!