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Texting While Driving…Fatal Addiction!

By Steve Klein |

Recently we were driving in heavy traffic from Washington,DC to Philadelphia on Route 95.  Glancing to my left I saw one of the Written In Stone NO-NOS of driving being committed.  The driver was planted in the left lane going 50 in a 65 mph zone, totally oblivious, and was TEXTING! According to The National… Read More »

Speed Traps…Driver Safety Issue or Revenue Generators?

By Steve Klein |

Would you be surprised to learn that many cities fund a disproportionate amount of their annual budgets with traffic ticket revenue? Small towns and cities across the country are filling their coffers by setting up speed traps and arbitrarily ticketing practically every motorist who has the misfortune of passing through. What is a speed… Read More »

Driver Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

By Steve Klein |

Speed enforcement is big business in the U. S. resulting in over 45 million tickets and generating $7 billion in revenue every year. That is an average of 123,000 unlucky drivers who get ticketed every day for an average fine of $150. Even if you have a bit of a lead foot and tend… Read More »